3D PEN CRAFTS 15 Cool DIY Ideas You Need To Try

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15 Cool DIY Ideas You Need To Try

Amazing things you can make with a 3D Pen 3D pens are such cool tools, and you can create all sorts of crafts with them. Not only can you use a 3D pen to solve annoying little everyday problems and broken things, but you can also use them to decorate, organize, and even create fun crafts for your friends and family. Are you ready for a creative adventure filled with DIY crafts? Let’s begin. There is no need to buy a brand-new phone case. I show you how to create a unique/ one-of-a-kind 3D phone case in just a few simple steps. It will look like a pile of colorful abstract noodles. Another great DIY craft is to make your summer slippers with a 3D pen. I show you how to make the sole out of rocks/pebbles and connect them with a 3D pen. Watch until the end to see the entire process. Don’t forget to check out how to make ornaments for your little aquarium and a fantastic idea for your DIY personalized Christmas Cards.

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